Contabilidad Domestica

Lite 6.0

Manage your family finances like a pro


تقييم هذا التطبيق

As the name suggests, Contabilidad Doméstica (Family Finance) is a simple program designed to help those people who want to have complete control over their expenses.

Contabilidad Doméstica (Family Finance) has a simple appearance and is easy to use. You really don't need a showy program to do what this one offers.

This program allows you to maintain almost a professional level of control of your family finances. Some of the financial data that it helps you keep track of (which you will have to create yourself) are debits, credits, and the purpose of the transfer.

Also, Contabilidad Doméstica (Family Finance) allows you to set financial periods of time that you can close whenever you want from the Close tab. You can also store and organize all the data you enter using the accounting files that the program will create and organize according to the parameters you set.
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